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Where a normal driver gets confused as to precisley where his satnav is telling him to turn. As a result he slows down to a crawl, thus adopting the driving approach of a person who wears a hat to drive. Which fucks off those people following him beyond belief.
Driver: fuck, where does it mean to go left. Is it here or that road just along there?
Driver's chick: Whatever, get a move on you hat
Driver: Shit, sorry, bit of a hatnav

Driver following slow car: For fucks sake; make your fucking mind up you cunt. What? You going to turn into a field you fucking idiot!!! Fucking hatnav again!
by The_Trill_LV September 21, 2013
An otherwise straight dude who experiences strong sexual urges at the sight of New Zealand rugby player Ma'a Nonu.

In part this phenomenon can be explained by the fact that Nonu, whilst a feared competitor in a physical game, has girly hair, a tendency to wear eye make-up and, despite being an international athlete, a sizeable rack.
Calvin: Dude, whoa, hot chick alert. And she's playing some sort of wierd netball in a tight black shirt.
Marshall: Its rugby you Nonusexual

Franklin: Man I got with this chick last week and took her back to my place. But it just wasn't happening. Then the rugby came on and I saw Ma'a. Stiff as a board straightaway and got the job done.
Keith: Hmm, sounds like Nonusexuality to me
by The_Trill_LV October 12, 2013
A celebratory act performed mostly by sporst teams. One dude crouches on a table whilst another lies beneath him. A third pours beer down the ass crack of dude 1 into dude 2's mouth.

Whilst widley promoted as a standard appraoch to marking important sports victories, it should be noted that the anal chug is, in fact, primarily a method of satisfying deeply repressed homosexual urges in an exlusively male environment.
We beat State with three from downtown right on the buzzer. Awesome!!! So Chip, Brad and Mike did an anal chug in the bar that night.

Phil: Great TD today Mac. You da man brother. Let's anal chug to celebrate!
Mac: Are you saying you want to suck my dick?
Phil: Yes please
by The_Trill_LV September 21, 2013
An unintentional double entendre or other faux pas with more than a suggestion of paedophilia
Greg: Now Karl has come out, I'm glad I never asked him to coach the under 8s soccer
Brad: Yeah. He would not have fitted in.

Greg: Dude! That is disgusting
Brad: Oops. Savilian slip!

Mike: Hey. Look at that chick over there. Man she is hot. I'm a gonna get me a piece of that ass
Bill: Fuck man you are so uncool. That's DeAndre's daughter. She is like 15.

Mike: Hmm Savilian slip...
by The_Trill_LV January 13, 2014
A method of speeding up a walk in a studied manner to try and disguise the increased speed and appear to be casually sauntering with an unconcerned air. Mainly deployed by dudes on public transport when trying to reach the last empty seat ahead of a pregnant chick.
Dude (thinking): "Shit, only one seat left. No way am I standing on this shit. If I cascelerate I can make it ahead of that heifer"
(after sitting down) "My bad, she's sprogged up. Still if I don't look at her, I ain't seen her..."

Lisa: "I got on the bus with five bags from the supermarket. Was just about to sit down when this ass shot past me into the seat. Tried to make out he hadn't seen me"
Ashley: He cascelerated past you. A hole.
by The_Trill_LV October 30, 2013
A taunt used to try and goad a sensible dude into an act of crass stupidity by suggesting his attitude is dull and straightlaced. Usually repeated ad nauseam in a high pitched shriek to try and wear the victim down.
Idiotic Dude: I've pissed in this glass, drunk it, then hurled back into the same glass. Down that!
Normal person: Fuck off
Idiotic Dude: Citizen! Mr Citizen! Won't drink my piss-chunder? What are you? Get it down you! Mr Citizen! Come on Citizen! Citizen! Mr Citizen! Citizen! Mr Citizen! Citizen! Mr Citizen!

Idiot: I know what woulod round the evening off perfectly. Let's break into the Zoo and fuck us a couple of baboons!
Idiot's friend: Don't be ridiculous, you'll get AIDS
Idiot: Citizen! Mr Citizen! Won't fuck a monkey coz he's scared of getting caught! Mr Citizen! Thinks he's going to get AIDS Citizen! Mr Citizen!Citizen! Mr Citizen!Citizen! Mr Citizen!Citizen! Mr Citizen!
by The_Trill_LV October 12, 2013
Where a normally sensible and pleasant individaul snaps under the influence of alcohol and becomes uncontrollable
We got chatting to this Swedish kid on the train back from the game. It was all very amicable. Then deglamania struck and Calvin hit him for no reason

Drunk dude: "I don't care what you say. I don't like his jacket. I am going ot fucking kill him.
Drunk dude's friends: "You deglamaniac!"
by The_Trill_LV September 21, 2013
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