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A Moxon is a backward type male or female with an IQ lower than a 9 year old. They laugh at their own dumb jokes and are accident prone.
Michael tried to hit the ping pong ball with the handle of his bat. What an absolute Moxon!
by Jaymac77 July 26, 2011
A Moxon is a term that relates to getting defeated in table tennis 5-Nil. Someone who is so poor at the game they can't even win a point.
Michael you are haxed! You can't play for crap! You got Moxon'd hard!
by Barrett77 December 24, 2011
A Moxon is a foul stench that the best air deodorizer's cannot eradicate. It's a horrendous body odor mixed with a wet, fungus jacket.
Michael turned up at work with unkempt and oily hair, shirt hanging over a floppy beer gut and reeking a foul pungent smell. His jacket had a smell of wet dog. He stank like a MOXON!
by Shank77 January 05, 2012
A Moxon is someone who, despite the best job training, sales books and courses available, simply has no sales ability what-so-ever! Has no ability to CLOSE a sale, couldn't even sell a bucket of water to a man on fire.
Michael was given the best glengarry leads, had customers begging to buy his products and STILL managed to blow the deals. What a complete Moxon!
by Gearan77 January 15, 2012
The name Moxon descends from Yorkshire, in the north of England. Despite this great heritage, with famous Moxon's including the Hydrographer to Charles II, almost no one can spell the name resulting in every Moxon having to spell their surname after saying it.
"Yes I'd like to make a reservation please,

"The name's Moxon.


"No that's N!!"
by drmox February 03, 2010
The moxon is a form of Northerner. Decendants of good honest mining folk, the moxon is self-educated and tends to spend time with men who are smaller than average height.
Hey look at that increadibly small man...and look at his moxon! She looks kinda like Rachel Hunter.
by jiminy March 11, 2004
Typically a small angry ginger man !! maybe a dwarf with an angry anus. very short term memory and bad toilet habits !
The toilet has been destroyed !!! it must have been a Moxon!!

thats M-O-X-O-N !!
by Jimmy Moxon July 20, 2010
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