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Those part of movement crew are sophisticated gentleman who are relatively experienced in the field of sex. Or as they define it "getting movement". Each and every member either has or is in the process of earning their degree in bunzolgy(degree of which classifies ones keen eye for recongnizing and pursuing a female with adequate buns or booty/ass/donk/bakery). Not many can be part of this extroadinary class of gentlemen, a close group, who share a common goal: get movement.... MVM!
Some of them are pornstars, some have fucked in almost every common area available, some are so light, some are soo nice, some have had love shown to their "balls", some have no standards, some tagteam, some try to run the train, some rock reebok shoes, but all are down wih movement crew..
by do-the-right-thing011 March 05, 2011
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