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Where a group of guys line up to bang a slut.
I would love to run the train on that bitch Mirna.
by a neighbor July 27, 2004
where multiple guys have sex with one girl.
YO Blaze, who'd you run the train with last night on Annie??
by BLAZ-A-MUH-TAYZ! October 23, 2004
Where two or more guys have sex with a girl at the same time.
We are going to run the train on Jenny tonight.
by unknown February 04, 2004
The art of talking continuously (also known as ploughing) to an unresponsive attractive girl in a bar or nightclub in order to 'close' (obtain a phone number, a kiss or sexual intercourse.) During which, the man may demonstrate alpha male values in order for seduction and attraction to occur.
Why did you bail out!? Go back and Run The Train!
by SG_PSD February 10, 2010
When two guys have sex with one girl. One guy gives it too her in the ass and the other guy gives it to her in the pussy.
Me and my friend are gonna run the train on that chick over there with the big ass titties.
by Pavelski8 July 31, 2008
To attend a club with your ...err...posse, pick out a bitch, and proceed to stitch train tracks onto her dress.
Jenny: Oh my god David, lets go run the train on that bitch.

David: yeah okay, got your sewing kit?
by MrTrains December 16, 2008
It's where about 10 guys stand in a line and a girlie goes down the line and gives them head, one by one. The guy who gets head first is running the train.
I don't want none unless I'm running the train.
by Alli December 31, 2003
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