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The month of March in which men AND women celebrate by not shaving their moustaches only. It is a celebration of masculinity of the facial hair that grows in between the nose and upper lip. It was introduced to lengthen the partying and festivities which is celebrated during Dirty Stache December which also celebrates a type of mustache, the mexi stache or dirty stache.

It is an offshoot of the original No Shave November and was a catalyst for the introduction of other facial hair celebrations like Soup Catcher September in which people shave all facial hair but leave the hair right below their lower lip on the front top of the chin call a soup catcher.

Another facial hair celebration is Fu Manchu February in which the Fu Manchu is grown in honor of Fu Manchu and chinese people.
"John your moustache is really growing in well. You are starting to look like a real Italian perhaps Mario or Luigi."

'Yeah, I know, it's Moustache March so being that I am Italian I call my moustache a mustaccio....and you can just call me Mario, AH WHO!'
by jpabaloni April 12, 2007
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