the act of a woman secretly pulling their clitoral hood
Jane was fumbling in her pockets i knew she was mousing
by chimp1886 February 28, 2008
Top Definition
Using his thumb and index finger, a man first grasps his penis and testicles at the base. Using the opposite hand, he wraps the penis downward, over his index finger, and lightly grasps the tip with his middle or ring finger. With his free hand, he lightly dabs the side of his penis and testicles with a stamp pad, liberally inking both. Then he rotates his manhood 90 degrees, such that the testicles are vertical and the penis is on one side. Then he bursts forth towards his unsuspecting partner, stamping her as many times as possible before she can escape, leaving numerous Mickey Mouse silhouettes.
I surprised my girlfriend last night, I gave her a good mousing.
by BBaggins September 25, 2009
The act of using a computer mouse
Mousing is more accurate now that I have an optical mouse.
by LikeableRodent July 01, 2003
The act of taking a tampon, soaking it in vodka and inserting it into one's vagina to become drunk.
Yo- Cindy's pretty damn drunk, but I didn't see her put one drink down yet?

Yeah, she's on a diet, so she's been mousing Smirnoff all night!

Oh yeah, instead of down the hatch, it's up the snatch right?
by Dougdoug22 November 14, 2011
the act of a creeper hovering, clicking, or scrolling on inappropriate appendages of a woman's picture online
Grant was mousing Olivia by clicking on her chest as he was looking through her Facebook pictures.
by kreeper4life May 19, 2009
The state of being so skilled in using computer mouses, such as fastly pointing at the icons on the screen,quickly moving the mouse point to the desired option, and professionalism in playing or running programs that basically depends on the mouse.
That employment company is seeking to employ people who are highly-skilled in typing,english fluency and mousing.

I think Albert needs lots of time to gain more skills in mousing.
by Joseph-Almzayen December 17, 2007
To sneakily touch someone from behind to get them aroused.
Yo im gunna be mousing this girl later tonight.
by WeedMaster4444222000 August 04, 2011
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