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Mousehole, mouseholes

1. Adult tourist( See tourista) that visit Disney World who exhibit childish or idiotic behavior. Mouseholes are easily identified by characteristic items of clothing ; oversized Micky Mouse ears, a "Cat in the Hat" hat or a "Its a Small World"fanny pack."
2. Surly Disney employees or managers.
1. "Geez ,that mousehole in the Taurus cut me off on the Beachline and I had to circle around to get back on."

2. "Damn, that mousehole grinned right at me and purposely gave me a screwed up soda..its all syrup."

3. "Nice hat, mousehole!
by Global Feetus April 03, 2007
When your girlfriend is in the middle of giving you a handjob and shes too tired, so she just holds her hand there and you have to put your hips into it.
Man, my girlfriend was so tired last night, i had to mouse hole it.
by The_tomatron December 04, 2012
When gays get bored of anul sex, they make it more interesting...
One of the gays gets a cardboard toilet roll tube and inserts it into the anus of the other gay. Then the gay performing 'mousehole' takes a fury white mouse, and lets the mouse go wild in the anul region of his gay partner. This activity lasts until the mouse suffacates and eventually dies. This is repeated to both of them in order to gain maximum pleasure.
(during anul sex) fuk this man im bored, lets play mouse hole!
by Trevor ietbren September 04, 2007
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