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The act or result of Disney (or another comparable company) actively exercising executive influence over the content of one of its acquired properties, usually to make things more kid-friendly or to plug other Disney (or another comparable company's) properties behind your back. Can also be used in the past or future tense (mouse-dropped, will mouse-drop). Can be spelled "maus-dropping" to emphasize an overt mouse-dropping situation.
- "Now that Disney owns Marvel, I figure we have about 9 safe months before they start mouse-dropping Spiderman."

- "I was looking for easter eggs in the special edition of Muppets Take Manhattan, but instead I got mouse-droppings."

- "Sesame Street used to be awesome before it got mouse-dropped. Now the Cookie Monster is a vegan and Oscar the Grouch lives at the Y on weekdays."

- "Nazi Germany might be the biggest example of maus-dropping ever."
by Al-Terra September 26, 2009
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