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Feminine protection for mice. Similar to rodent tampons.
Mouse Pad... O_o
by Poor boy from a poor family November 28, 2003
A female's clitorus or vagina region.
Eric can you rub your finger on my mouse pad!?
by Aaron Riva November 13, 2007
Another word for the hole a rat goes in.
HAHAHAHAHA i made a funny. i think.
by ananomus July 22, 2004
A "callusing" of the skin on ones lower wrist/forearm. Skin is rough,slightly elevated and generally darker than other areas of skin."mouse pads" are a result from using a mouse for extensive periods of time via gaming,porn,or just general use or a computer mouse.
Damn, I've got mouse pads from all that p0rn I watched last night.


"What is that on your wrist?" "Oh, these?" "Just mouse pads."
by Mihspehelled July 24, 2008