When smoking cannabis and one person throws an entire nug in for a pack. because the nug is still attached to the stem, the stem will stick out the bowl, resembling a mouse tail. To some, it results in a better all around hit or a total and complete waste.
"Yo man is it my turn to pack?"
"Yeah bro, just mouse tail it, throw in the whole nug"

"Check out that mousetail"
#mouse tail #mousetail #marijuana #cannabis #weed #stem #nug #meatballs
by mikeamil July 18, 2008
Top Definition
Where ones tampon string hangs openly out of ones swimsuit. Typically happens at a pool during day drinking sessions. Also referred to to as a dynamite stick.
Jamie! I see your mouse tail!! ;(
#tampon #mouse tail #dynamite stick #pool #swimsuit
by Uncle bb August 12, 2012
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