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small, full of rednecks who love ice races and have guns in their trucks. pretty much the coolest shit on earth.
Innocent City Kid: im moving to mtown (Moultonborough) ! how will i fit in?!

Redneck: buy yourself some timberlands, carhart pants, a flannel shirt and a snowmobile. you are set for life. <3
by heyguyyy March 29, 2011
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An awesome town. Moultonborough has a huge downtown and 2 huge housing communities. Moultonborough is home to, 2 schools.
Wigger number 1-Yo dawg lets go to the ghetto.
Wigger number 2-Oh sick where is that
Wigger number 1-Dood sick its m-town
Wigger number 2- Oh sick wheres that
Wigger number 1-Moultonborough you fucking hick
by batesa11 November 10, 2008
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