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A cheat code for Sims 3 that gives you $50k
Hold Ctrl, Shift, C
Then type in Motherlode
Then BOOM, you gotta heckload of cash
by CheatCodeGamer February 06, 2011
The correct way to spell motherload.

A jackpot, a treasure of great value or abundance.

A motherlode is a vein of of ore or mineral in the earth. If you hit the motherlode you hit the biggest vein with the most of that ore.
"We hit the motherlode!"
by Bob B. Bobertson August 30, 2014
A very rich seam in a gold mine, a dream or a phantasm !
"his head full of dreams about the mother lode buried somewhere inside" (James Lee Burke, Swan Peak, 2008)
by Dominiqueb59 June 13, 2009
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