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An extremely powerfull word used to describe the state of a person's 'Dickness' or 'Dick-being'.
Tom:"Man why the fuck hasnt joe showed up yet"

Frank:"Dunno man hes a Motherdick!!. Probably thats why"


Awais:"Gibran you motherdick!!."
by Pimp March 04, 2003

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a word randomly blurted by an angry Mexican girl. HAHA just fuckin. Nah, it's an angry phrase used only when flustered and you place it in the middle of many curse words of your choosing. You don't go around calling people a mother dick cus that's just dumb.
"Son of a bitch god damn it fuckin mother dick asshole"

"Holy shit mother dick!"
by Rock The Mon January 30, 2009
When a normally strict catholic girl gets incredibly frustrated and tries to use bad language. Not being used to it, she'll combine insults she's heard - in this instace: Motherfucker & Dickhead. Motherdick.
Liberal friend: "Jesus loved the cock".
Uptight Catholic Girl: "You're... such a... motherdick!"
by tantryl August 23, 2006