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being greater then most.
by ILLBUrRomeo August 11, 2005
Loving you more than moster.
Rosie - I love you
Justin - I love you most
Rosie - I love you moster
Justin - I love you mosterest
Rosie - Note fair, thats not even a word!
by baileymoto August 27, 2010
The big daddy word for explaining how much you care/hate/love someone. Nothing can beat it. Not even mostest.

"Fuck You, You Fucking Asshole, I hate you MOSTEREST. GTFO."

"Oh my gad, STAHP it! I'll always care about you MOSTEREST."
by Mitkish September 12, 2014
An Amount being more than more or most.
Michael loves Morgan the mosterest.
by Hitler is the man August 28, 2010
The ultimate word to use while have a "I love you more, I love you most fight."
Ben- I love you
Bailey- I love you more
Ben-I love you most
Bailey-Ben, I love you the mosterest.
by bailsterrrr June 14, 2010
The perfect word to use in the "I love you most" dialogues between significant others. It will catch your opponent off guard and likely end the argument, just be careful how frequently you use the word.
B-"I love you more"
Z-"I love you mosterest"
B-"Damn you win, as always"
Z-"Thats right"
by zman31 February 05, 2014
how much a Sekirei loves his/her Ashikabi
Taran loves Caitlin the most-er-est.
by DarkFennec March 06, 2012
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