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When a black male sticks his penis into someones anus and gets green poop on it... making it look like a Moss covered log
Mr Jones performed anal sex on his wife last night, he got a mossy log
by xSenor Bivinsx March 08, 2010
While laying down naked, have your bitch throw up in your asshole, then, shit it right back into her mouth.
"I gave that bitch 2 bottles of pepto bismol, then she threw up all over. what a great mossy log."
by ballcuzzi May 04, 2005
McNade's, of the iG sqaud, equipment. Also see: chicken nugget.
Yo man, you see McNade missing those headshots? He almost got killed till he pulled out his mossy log.
by uTg|Jigga April 23, 2006