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this is how you'll know if you have a real-life mosmeyer on your hands:
1) also known as "principal doughboy," this person enjoys wielding his self-bestowed authority mercilessly while making sarcastic -yet still devoid of humor- jokes at the expense of others.

2) insists on styling his hair with the same 80's-esque whisp every single day, imagining that it makes him appear more youthful and spontaneous.
3) used to be a really cool guy but now is so uptight that even his psychotic children seem more reasonable than him- and that's saying alot.
4) is obsessed with having control in his interactions with others, possibly overcompensating for a lack of control in the bedroom
schoolchild 1: "maaan, i had to pay $35 to get my textbooks back from the office after our crazy principal stole them from off the shelves!! this is whack."
schoolchild 2: "oof, tough luck. sounds like you have a mosmeyer. i'll pray for ya."
by P. bamp January 15, 2011
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