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A word used by Ukrainians to insult Russians, especially those who come from Moscow.
There aren't any Georgians here anymore; now it's full of those Moskals!
by pentozali September 23, 2009
Let me make this perfectly clear:
There is a huge difference between a Russian and a Moskal.

A Russian is a normal person who is ethnically Russian and speaks Russian. (Ukrainians have nothing against this person).

A Moskal is an individual, who is also ethnically Russian, and usually an alcoholic or drug user. A Moskal is also an imperialistic piece of shit who screams that he wants to conquer all of the countries bordering Russia, and or worships Stalin and Lenin as if they were "gods". Moskali usually hate all of the ethnicities in Eastern Europe (Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Belarussians, and Georgians). Usually they only find Russian nationalism acceptable, and label all other nationalists in EE as " fascists".

I'm Ukrainian, and like I said before, I have nothing against normal Russian people.
That Moskal is trying to conquer all of Eastern Europe.

Those Moskali always blackmail other countries with natural gas.
by Danik67 July 09, 2014
A really fruity shot. A shot so fruity that it could even be called gay.
Lets go girls, we need to take a few more Moskals!
by Rieksta04 September 13, 2007