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A really stupid fucking game that kids between 7 and 12 play you take care of a little gay monster and you have to fuck around and feed it and shit.
Sophie had a shitfit because her brother said his friend hacked her Moshi Monsters account.
by TheBigBadBoner April 05, 2010
A somewhat addictive computer game where you have to take care of a monster. You can pick between a KATSUMA, DIAVLO, ZOMMER, FURI, POPPET or LUVLI to take care of. There are little pets called moshlings that come in sets of four (Spookies, Fishies, etc). They eat weird food such as SLUDGE FUDGE and CUP O GRUEL. There is also shops, games, a forum and a newspaper. Pronounced MO-SHEE-MON-STURS.
I know this kid who's level 30 on Moshi Monsters!
Wow! I've been playing for ages and i'm only level 7!
by glaires April 04, 2010
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