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A somewhat addictive computer game where you have to take care of a monster. You can pick between a KATSUMA, DIAVLO, ZOMMER, FURI, POPPET or LUVLI to take care of. There are little pets called moshlings that come in sets of four (Spookies, Fishies, etc). They eat weird food such as SLUDGE FUDGE and CUP O GRUEL. There is also shops, games, a forum and a newspaper. Pronounced MO-SHEE-MON-STURS.
I know this kid who's level 30 on Moshi Monsters!
Wow! I've been playing for ages and i'm only level 7!
by glaires April 04, 2010
The only definition on Urban Dictionary with the actual ². It basically means Energy=Mass X Speed of light squared. Simple, eh?
Wow! Somebody knows how to do the ² in E=MC²!
by glaires April 04, 2010
The best excuse to look good and run away ever!
P1:Stay with me!
P2: you go on without me...
P1: OK (*walks off*)
P2: Yay! (*runs away*)
by glaires April 04, 2010
Aussie Slang is a mix of obviousity and Cockney rhyming slang.
Beer becomes amber liquid, Shark becomes Noah's Ark and so on.
In aussie slang "I'm gunna gyp that gutless wonder" means "I'm going to trick that coward"
by glaires April 04, 2010
National have every name backwards day!
The third of april
P1-I saw a movie yesterday
P2-Who was the main character?
P1-Neb Rellits
by glaires April 04, 2010
The best friggin tea in the universe!
I have my Lapsang Souchong with milk and two sugars, how about you?
by glaires April 04, 2010
The second longest word ever. Invented by Mary Poppins.
Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious!
by glaires April 04, 2010
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