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A branch of hard core music largely consisting of open chords and lower tunings. Has gained a reasonable following in the "scene".
Bury Your Dead is a Moshcore band
by Johny2happy April 09, 2008
not a genre. anyone who says they like moshcore is a fucking idiot and probly means metalcore.
where the fuck did the term "moshcore" come from? i hear very few people say it and its always scene kids who have no idea what they're talking about.
by moshcoreislame December 12, 2009
A branch of new breed hardcore in which the music consists of chuggy open D chords (or lower) in an attempt to make the audience mosh.

Basically, a disgrace to music.
Bury Your Dead, Norma Jean
by NormaJeanSucks March 21, 2005