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n. The effect a seat belt or bag strap has on a ladys tits.
Jeff: Did you see those tits there were parted like the red sea?
Roy: Some kind of Moses effect.

by yO'Neill February 27, 2008
The Moses Effect can refer to a multitude of things. The main is to describe the effect a police car has on traffic on the motorways. For example, when a police car enters the motorway, the cars in front of the police part out of the police cars lane, and slow down to the point where they actually go behind the police car. This leaves a 3 lane wide open stretch of road in front of the police car. This is the parting of the sea of cars leaving open empty road, thus the moses effect. Known to cause heavy backups and traffic. Another form of the Moses effect can refer to the parting of people in the way of a person people fear, admire, or have extreme respect for. This time just, leaving an open stretch of walkway with hundreds of people lining eiether side. The Moses Effect is not imited to only these two uses.
As the Police Trooper merged on to the motorway, the Moses Effect took place, the cars all instantly slowed down and merged to the sides of the road. The Trooper took this to his advantage and enjoyed the endless span of road free of other cars.
by thestig March 13, 2007
(Also see "Moses" and "Parting the Red Sea") The Moses Effect is when usually a single man dances in the middle of the dance floor. Slowly he begins to find that the space between him and everyone else increases until he is the only one on the dance floor or one of the few left, but all on his own. What can also happen is along with the spacing, all the girls that are booty-dancing with their guys they turn their guys toward that "Moses" in order to stay clear from "Moses". Besides using men as emotional tampons, this is one of the other worst things girls can do to single guys.
Setting: Club or any modern popular dancing venue.
Man 1 - Oh dang, that sucks..
Man 2 - What?
Man 1 - That Moses out there.
Man 2 - Oh no! Not the Moses Effect!
Man 1 - And now there gone...
by aleams March 16, 2009

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