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(Also see "Moses" and "Parting the Red Sea") The Moses Effect is when usually a single man dances in the middle of the dance floor. Slowly he begins to find that the space between him and everyone else increases until he is the only one on the dance floor or one of the few left, but all on his own. What can also happen is along with the spacing, all the girls that are booty-dancing with their guys they turn their guys toward that "Moses" in order to stay clear from "Moses". Besides using men as emotional tampons, this is one of the other worst things girls can do to single guys.
Setting: Club or any modern popular dancing venue.
Man 1 - Oh dang, that sucks..
Man 2 - What?
Man 1 - That Moses out there.
Man 2 - Oh no! Not the Moses Effect!
Man 1 - And now there gone...
by aleams March 16, 2009
One who parts the Red Sea or is the one who produces the Moses Effect. Another way to put it is one who is single at a club and trying to have a good time. He is the man who is dancing by himself in the center of the and is finding himself having more and more dance space around him.
Also one who finds himself surrounded by men dancing with women away from you as to have the girls as far away as possible.
Man 1 - Look at that Moses over there.
Man 2 - Haha! That sucks!
Man 1 - Yeah, what a loser..
by aleams March 16, 2009
(Also see The Moses Effect) The act of creating space as a form of rejection by every woman on the dance floor. Being in a club and going into the dance floor to dance and you find yourself in a gaping hole of space between you and everyone else and they are not paying attention to you. A further way girls part is by switching positions with their guy dance partners as to be as far away from the Moses. This is the harshest form of rejection by women on the dance floor that is known at this time.
Man 1 - HAHA He's Parting The Red Sea!
Man 2 - What?
Man 1 - Look at the space between him and everyone else on the dance floor.
Man 2 - Oh yeah, there's a lot of space there.
by aleams March 16, 2009

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