Another SoccerAM term, meaning 'must go'
''off to a convention in russia so moscow''
by James Harcourt October 25, 2004
to shanghai and drink seedy vodka at the same time.
i.e. to masturbate, cry and drink seedy vodka at the same time. a fine, classy art.
Person 1: I was moscowing when I passed out. My dad walked in and I had to explain to him why I had a bottle of Safeway Select Vodka in one hand and my penis in the other. He also noticed that my sheets weren't just wet with my man juice.

Person 2: It's ok man! There ain't nothin' wrong with that. Them russians do it all the time! Sometimes they even red moscow to see the blood flow freely and make life more colorful.
by sexytime March 23, 2006
Capital of Moscow, Europe's largest city. Moscow is the richest city in Russia, but it's still somewhat poor. Moscow sprawls over 1000 square kilometers. Moscow is prone to disaster, such as with the recent subway bombing, university dorm fire, and water park roof collapse. Muscovites live in drab ugly prefabricated apartment complexes.
Moscow is the Third Rome and there will never be a fourth one.
by Nutmegger February 15, 2004
A place with nice tourist attractions like the Kremlin and Bolshoi Teatre but otherwise really awful living conditions with all the subway bombings,high pollutions and unusually high crime rate.A place where you want to get the fuck out as soon as possible,motherland or not.
Dude,lets go and experience the 'awesome' city that is Moscow!Yeeeehawwww!!
by masterpangu January 07, 2005
Muscovite girls are the dirtiest in Europe.
This Blyadki rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by shits February 06, 2005

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