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It's when you're bangin your ho while watching a football game and eating a pizza.
I was doing my bitch Mosca style when the Rams scored the winning touch down yo.
by billybob October 05, 2004
-noun , Moe-ska

1.Spanish word for FLY

2.A fly ass dude that excels at all he does. Mostly known for being awesome all the time.
Damn that guy is good at everything, he is like a total MOSCA
by Moscadamus October 05, 2011
Of Italian descent, meaning handsome (also known as bello), funny and with wicked eyebrows.
1) Girl (to her friend): Woah, did you just get your eyebrows done? They look good, so Mosca!

2) Girl (to her friend): Did you see that model? Holy Mosca!
by mbeda064 November 14, 2014

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