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Noun: a ginger (female) with great style. freakishly pale, but has a nice body. sort of talented when it comes to singing and stuff, but smells like a skank so people dont notice her talent. likes to pick on people smaller than her, fights in a limp arm fashion.

Adj: used to describe a skanky smell.

Verb: to get wasted and have a limp arm fight with a fellow skank.

morwyn, morwyned, morwyning, morwynly.
"Do you see that girl over there?"
"The ginger with the hot bod and sexy hair?"
"Yeah, she's a total Morwyn."
"Agreed, but the smell.."
"Ugh, the smell."

I smell totally morwyn today.

I went to a part and morwyned.
by MSAUUU June 01, 2009
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