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A man or woman who engages in paying the mortgage too long in a bad marriage or living arrangement, and then feels taken advantage of at the end of the relationship.
Harry felt like a Mortgage Mule. He took care of his wife and family for years, then found out his wife cheated, and was just using him to pay the mortgage, so she had security and a place to sleep.
by Mamahipster December 21, 2011
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When a man or woman pays the mortgage for the family, finds out the spouse or significant other has cheated, and they feel like a mule, having worked, and gotten no respect for keeping the roof overhead.
He felt like a Mortgage Mule. He worked for years to keep his family safe, and in the end, found out his wife cheated. He felt used, and taken advantage of.
by P.A. Drunk N Stuff December 21, 2011

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