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Antibiotic to cure Morrong Fever. Also known as Pingordar, Bichotaina, and Morrongocilina. A mixture of penicillin and aerosporin. May be given via blood, taken as a pill, enema, as well as eye drops.
Junior developed Morrong Fever after eating a parrot fish, his mother Maria Maldonado went to the pharmacy and got him a bottle of Morrongicillin to cure the ailment.

Guilma saw the ad for Morrongocillina in the Vocero, she rushed to La Marqueta and bought a bottle for herself just in case she cut herself while cutting la grama in her yarda.

Las nenas cuando toman mucha leche de mipalo se enferman con fiebre de morronga, en esos momentos, una buena dosis de Morrongocilina les resuelve el problemita.
#pingacilina #bichotaina #pin-gordar #morrongocilina #morrongicillin
by El Nene de Northridge April 24, 2008
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