To transform from one thing to another without any difficulty
"I've had a varied career and morph easily into something new every couple of years."
by Carol L. May 30, 2005
An individual who posts on an internet forum or newsgroup, changing their name or identity frequently in order to appear as a new user. Old identities are often abandoned, but posting style or content is often similar.
Perhaps if you've been hounded by the SAME LOSER COWARD morph for about 3 years now you might be a little pissed too.
by Hman88 March 21, 2006
The sexual act of simultaneously inserting ones scrotum into a womans vagina while poking her brown eye with yer dick.
During an intense anal sex session, Angie screamed out in passion. " I need more of you !". So, Johnny morphed with her and the union was complete.

Dude, my balls hurt from all that morphing last night.
by Emerson Bigguns November 22, 2007
In the Power Rangers universe, it means to use a device such as a belt buckle or wrist gadget to effect an near-instantaneous, yet special effects laden transformation from ordinary person to costumed crimefighter.
It's morphin time!
by Philip January 23, 2004
Morphine. Drug slang.
Don't operate a high speed drill press or drive a car after shooting up morph.
by anon September 27, 2004
Used to decribe a change in activity and/or location.
Let's morph up to dave's place.
We should morph into a game of risk.
by skobi March 01, 2005
A stupid person
You are such a morph!
by bigbrother May 18, 2004

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