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A geeky looking short, thin guy with a studder, motor bike and intense fascination for sheep sex
I was talking to the Morkus on the telephone line. I was doin all the talkin everything was fine. Till Morkus interupted with hes unique sign. Mm-mm-mm-mm-Morkus Dueporkus, Morkus Dueporkus, a Ernie look a like whos a real dorkus. Hes st-st-studder is a lethal weapon. A little hunch back with a funny head, and he really loves to tug off behind the shed. But You'll never understand a word he said. Mm-mm-mm-mm-Morkus Dueporkus, Morkus Dueporkus. Its a real cack when he tries to talkus. Hes st-st-studder is a lethal weapon. Hes favourite past time is a porno a day. And if he doesnt have a porn he'll just dream away. And he sure thinks a sheep in the fields OK. BAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Sheep insertion, sheep insertion. Thats just another one of Morks sick perversions. Hes st-st-studder is a lethal weapon.
by Grazmataz Christmas-tree December 02, 2004
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