a very special girl, who seems to make up a lot of what she says and has "special voices" in her head. This makes her always a little bit off, she does have a good sense of humor which can get annoying and she can pull anything off! no matter how ugly. she is defiantly a girl you want to talk to just dont tell her any secrets or offend her in any way... she will not keep them so secret!
Morgan was super funny today!

Yea but she did get a little mad at me for not laughing at her joke!
by lalalalala bing September 01, 2011
A whore who thinks she can do anything tht she wants to. She is one of the worlds worst friend u could ever have!!! She likes to try to ruin ppls happiness just so she'll be happy herself!!! Selfish is also a great way to describe Morgan!!! She loves to brk ppls hearts and she loves the idea of having a boyfriend; whether the guy be younger or older she dnt care. Always wants to be the center of attention and in the spotlight... Shes such a slut and a whore!!! She is so fake.... She'll become ur friend one day and the next she'll turn into a back stabber. Morgan's are mean and vain and only want to be ur friend when they want something.
Girl 1: OMG I can't believe she did that to me!
Girl 2: She is acting like a total Morgan!!
Both Girls: That whorgan!!
by THEUNWANTED December 22, 2013
A very fat girl that has the voice and hairyness of a man. A total bitch that thinks shes all that she is also illitrate she ever thinks she cute girl you wont ever look cute you'll always be an ape. Thats all you deserve WHORE!
Guy#1 gross those fat legs, gravely voice,...
Guy#2 dude cover your eyes! Its a morganMany have dued by looking at her face!
by Heyho12458764321 November 24, 2013
A white girl who thirsty for black cock
Shit nigga her comes Morgan, RUNNN!!!
by dankstank October 07, 2013
Hillbilly that races beat up old cars for no profit.
Only Morgans drive old Lancers.
by urban18 April 01, 2011
An evil backstabber, often the bitch of the school. Never trust one, and try to avoid them.
Girl 1: Did you see that girl over there?
Girl 2: Yeah, she's totally a Morgan.
by Lou Ser March 31, 2012
A kind of person who always feels the need to pry into others' lives. Often times, if you let this person in just a little, they will throw a pissy fit the moment you don't tell them the smallest detail of your life.
Person: So, I couldn't sleep.
Morgan: Why?
Person: Reasons.
Morgan: Why?
Person: I don't want to say, alright?
Morgan: WAHHH! You don't love me enough to tell me!
by PoetChan July 28, 2010
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