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Don't lie to yourself. You are fat.
"I'm not fat! I just have more to love! ^_^"

"No, you are definetly fat."
by This is not Hitler October 09, 2006
A term generally used on social websites, to pleasantly describe somebody who is overweight.
Mary stated that she was 5'4 and had "more to love" in her Craiglist personal ad because she didn't want to plainly put that she weighed 350lbs.
by Ashleydenee July 26, 2008
a woman that actually eats and doesnt throw up afterwards. way better than those anorexic bitches. no one wnats to hug a skeleton
Guy: I don't want no skinny chicks. Find me a BBW with more to love!
by SexyLexie December 11, 2007
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