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Is the most bogan place in Queensland. It's where all the 'tough cunts' hang out and where everyone goes to shop and to skate at the skate park. It gets flooded really easily and the school is pretty gay. Morayfield is in Caboolture and is about 30 minutes from Brisbane. People often refer to it as 'moronfield' or 'motown'.
Girl; Omg this place is so bogan!
Guy; Hey it's better than living in Morayfield.
Girl; True that
by professoralexandria January 10, 2011
A suberb apart of the Mourten Bay region in Queensland, Australia.
Morayfield is situtated near Burpengary and Australias Capital for weed, Caboolture.

Main attraction - Skate park, shopping centre.

Guy - Dude I live in morayfield its the place to be.
Dude - Wheres that?
Guy - Near Caboolture
Dude - Ohh ok!
by Gbangz September 14, 2008
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