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the drug morphine.
ey dawg...you got some of dat morf?
by mixedblood January 02, 2004
A person free of apparent sexual classification traits including but not limited to facial hair, breasts, Adam's apple, and gender-specific clothing. Derived from the customary question to other onlookers: Male or Female?

Note: This term does not imply that the allegedly gender-neutral person can tangibly "morph" from one sex to another, but only that they may appear to modulate in gender over time.
Randy: "Miguel, is that a male or female?"
James: "He's definitely a...wait, she's a woman...maybe..."
Miguel: "No, actually, I think it's a MorF."
by I'm not a MorF December 18, 2006
A silly person- not morph
You're such a morf!
by bigbrother May 21, 2004