Noun; the name you call a person of endearment, but without sounding endearing.
Yo, Chubi, ya big Moosie, S'up?
by Rupert Tippens May 16, 2006
Top Definition
an inner-city nickname given to a female with a very nice body, but a very empty brain
<Dude 1> Who's that fine ass girl right there?
<Dude 2> Man that's moosie
<Dude 1> Damn, another dumb ass fine girl!
by n00b January 24, 2004
What your mother tells you to call your vagina when you're a child.
Mother: Put your panties back on!
Child: Why?
Mother: Everyone will see your moosie!
by MoMo08 May 14, 2008
bad,any thing that is not good.
curly is acting moosie.
this game is so moosie i hate it.
by shaneekvanda June 10, 2006
1) slang for a northern animal closely related to an elk
2) the mother of GC, kindly supporting us all with an abundance of cookies. She inspires love and power through all the corsairs.
Moosie happily gives all the great members of GC moosie cookies.
by Ben November 15, 2004
Having the appearance of being drunk or actually being drunk.
Jon: *falls down laughing*

Bob: Jon you're so moosie right now.

Jon: Ha ha i know
by Laxbroski59 March 31, 2011
a drink that has little or no liquer in it ex. oduels
honey get me a moosie ive had 2 duis this week
by dylan oshea November 16, 2005
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