Antonym of Zaphod`.
Boy ZAPHOD sure is a FAT UGLY LOSER, but moose is cool.
by YOU'RE ALL GAY December 06, 2003
Top Definition
A type of government in which one man becomes an official and uses his powers for evil without the other leaders caring.
1)The Mooseka exiled the men because he hated them.
by Guess who! November 17, 2003
Not as good as VgameT.
Mooseka is cool, but VgameT is better.
by VgameT November 09, 2003
The sexual act of bending Jaeho over and giving him the hard ass-reaming
Oh baby...I want to Mooseka you all night long
by OMG A #RAWR-ER November 09, 2003
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