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see definition for deeranus
wow, ken is a huge moosebutt.
by branqon August 08, 2006

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The girl in a class with a huge butt and pants up to her neck which completly elongates her butt even more, quite possibly the wierdest looking butt of all weird looking butts. You get Moose Butt syndrom usually from sitting on your butt too much. May also have a waddle in their walk. Most of the time they do. booty ugly butt
Caitlin: Did you see Moose Butt today?!

Dom: Yea! Omg her butt practially takes up her back! Hahaha I'm so glad I don't look like that!

Jacey: Yea, I think she's way hot =]]

Caitlin: =O

Dom: =O
by Il Duce! August 01, 2009