Camel toe for a really fat person
Damn dude! Look at those moose knuckles! comes my lunch
by Dakota Anaya December 24, 2008
a camel toe on a woman of native North American ancestory.
I was walking down 20th street and saw an Indian chick in tight jeans with a wicked moose knuckle!
by saskotis January 10, 2006
How men in P&C Support Services try to attract one another.
To seduce him I wore my best tight jeans showing off my big moose knuckles.
by Dave Sydor March 20, 2007
Can be used in two ways:
1)To refer to an obese woman's camel toe.
2)To refer to a man who is splitting his package in two with the seam of his overly tight pants.
"Wow, check out the moose knuckle on that guy!!!"
by hudlei July 21, 2008
Because camel toe has an ugly sister.
Dude, what are you thinking?! She doesn't have a camel toe, that's a moose knuckle!
by Mr. Not-so-HappyFace October 16, 2009
The male equivalent of a camel toe.
I was at the gym, and this guy came in wearing spandex. Fuckin' moose knuckle up the wazz.
by Bill Diesel April 05, 2005
An intensified camel-toe or kuder-cleavage.
Damn girl! Your kuder must be hungry 'cause you got moose-knuckle!
by Mgutz October 22, 2008

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