Moose Knuckle is the same as Camel Toe except it's deeper and more pronounced
Does she have Camel Toe? No, Moose Knuckle. See how deeper it is and everything is more pronounced
by Blue Shark October 14, 2010
A very large, Obese woman's version on Camel toe.
Nikki Blonsky has a moose knuckle, Kirstie Alley's Moose knuckle
by lilbear787878 May 18, 2010
an obscenly large outline of the vagina (similar to a camel toe except 10x bigger) often found on obscenly overweight individuals. Also, can be found on overweight athletes who participate in the sports of softball, volleyball, basketball or anyother dyke-esk sports.
"Dang! that 1st baseman is HUGE! Look at her camel toe!"

"Nahhh! that isn't a camel toe, that's a moose knuckle!"
by Madvik November 30, 2009
The male version of "camel toe". Where said male's pants are so tight and/or transparent, the shape/details of their anatomy are clearly visible even through the garment, resembling the appearance of a moose's lower ankle (or "knuckle").
"When I watched wrestling last night, that tag team had on spandex shorts SO tight, they were sporting some SERIOUS moose knuckle!!!"
by CactusHeart December 03, 2009
A much larger version of the camel toe. Typically seen when a fat woman or a slightly heavier woman wears tight jeans and the saggy area around her vagina forms what looks to be camel-balls.
Damn! Girl could have looked in the mirror before she walked out the door looking like that! If I had known better, she was packing a set of balls, cause that moose knuckles she was sportin' was huge!
by peoplewatcher58 July 16, 2009
Camel toe for a really fat person
Damn dude! Look at those moose knuckles! comes my lunch
by Dakota Anaya December 24, 2008
a camel toe on a woman of native North American ancestory.
I was walking down 20th street and saw an Indian chick in tight jeans with a wicked moose knuckle!
by saskotis January 10, 2006

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