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A very large, Obese woman's version on Camel toe.
Nikki Blonsky has a moose knuckle, Kirstie Alley's Moose knuckle
by lilbear787878 May 18, 2010
The male version of "camel toe". Where said male's pants are so tight and/or transparent, the shape/details of their anatomy are clearly visible even through the garment, resembling the appearance of a moose's lower ankle (or "knuckle").
"When I watched wrestling last night, that tag team had on spandex shorts SO tight, they were sporting some SERIOUS moose knuckle!!!"
by CactusHeart December 03, 2009
A much larger version of the camel toe. Typically seen when a fat woman or a slightly heavier woman wears tight jeans and the saggy area around her vagina forms what looks to be camel-balls.
Damn! Girl could have looked in the mirror before she walked out the door looking like that! If I had known better, she was packing a set of balls, cause that moose knuckles she was sportin' was huge!
by peoplewatcher58 July 16, 2009
Camel toe for a really fat person
Damn dude! Look at those moose knuckles! uh-oh........here comes my lunch
by Dakota Anaya December 24, 2008
a camel toe on a woman of native North American ancestory.
I was walking down 20th street and saw an Indian chick in tight jeans with a wicked moose knuckle!
by saskotis January 10, 2006
How men in P&C Support Services try to attract one another.
To seduce him I wore my best tight jeans showing off my big moose knuckles.
by Dave Sydor March 20, 2007
Can be used in two ways:
1)To refer to an obese woman's camel toe.
2)To refer to a man who is splitting his package in two with the seam of his overly tight pants.
"Wow, check out the moose knuckle on that guy!!!"
by hudlei July 21, 2008