The sight of a woman's sexual anatomy which you can clearly view through her clothes, like a wedgie in her crotch area. Also known to be called; "camel toe".
Mark and I saw this chick with nice moose knuckles while walking down the street.
by Fat Rooster A.K.A 8-inch July 29, 2003
Much like a camel toe only much larger. Occurs when the front seam on a womans pants get lost in her crotch. Her puddy is split in half.
Damn, look at the moose knuckle on the 300 pounder. Spandex should be outlawed on any chick over 150.
by Doug Denny November 17, 2005
The cameltoe's very large cousin
"damn that girl has a huge cameltoe" no its a moose knuckle
by trever Stansell February 28, 2008
Street name for Labia Majora, also see meat flaps, carne asada,cameltoe
Dude, look at those fat Moose Knuckles on that bitch!
by K. Davila March 21, 2003
a step above camel toe but not as big as elephant toe, reguardless its still a loose vagina.
hey chuck, i use to think your mom was a milf until she wore those pink spandex revealing her moose knuckle.
by Jon Sepulveda March 05, 2003
The Canadian term for the Camel Toe, Where the woman vagina shows through a very thin pair of pants resembling the foot of a moose.
Eh! Jimmy, you can see your fat wifes moose knuckles in those ugly spandex pants.
It CAN be for a dude, i guess, BUT it is funnier when refered to as a CANADIAN camel toe! come on i mean moose=Canada people!get with it!
-O ew!did you just see that camel toe!?!
-dude, no we're in Canada. It's proper term is moose knuckle. douchebag.
by Neumann December 25, 2007

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