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A total beast, usually has long thick sideburns that follow down to the bottom of his ears. He also has amazing abilities to troll anyone whenever he wants staying subtle. He is also nicknamed Jacob for his aboriginal appearance and his tendancy to transform into a werewolf at command. Nothing can stand in Moontahan's path. He is bestial capabilities and appearance is unmistakable for the most fierce of creatures. Moontahan also enjoys playing tennis. He has an incredibly bulky build which he attracts other male looking females. Moontahan's favourite type of girls are Pink's and Jigglers. Moontahan's nickname, Jacob originated from his favourite movie, Twilight. He has read every book and watched every movie concerning werewolves beating vampires relentlessly. He has an incredible hate for vampires but is sexually turned on in the case of werewolves. He occasionally participates in acts of beastiality when the opportunity presents itself.
Yo, did you see that guy? He totally went Moontahan on them

Yo, that guy totally has Moontahan sideburns.

Yo, that guy's an aboriginal he's a Moontahan
by Ill C September 30, 2011
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