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When two beer pong partners don't hit a cup, and have to run around the house naked, making a moonlight shadow.
Pat: "why didn't you hit a cup"
Ross: "I don't know, I guess we have to do a moonlight shadow"
Steve and Kyle: "Hahahahah wow you guys suck at beer pong"
#moonlight shadow #beer pong #beruit #beer #drinking game
by mcstunna September 14, 2010
1 Word related to Moonlight Shadow
When a girl wears tight pants and you can see light through the gap at the top of her thigh between her ass crack
Have you seen that new barmaid in the Rodneys, last Friday I was checking out her moonlight shadow as she was standing in front of the bottle fridge the light shining through illuminated and excentuated her moist contours.
#contours #lady shape #thigh gape #ass ray #thigh passage.
by Bubba 6 6 9 9 July 05, 2015
When a beer pong team, composed of one black dude and one white dude, run the table and go 10-0 and sign the table in permanent marker; the moonlight shadow is created when the white dude hits a cup and the black dude immediately follows, thus creating a moonlight shadow by combining their super skills at pong.
Crowd: Did you see that? Ross just hit that cup! He's sick at pong!

Crowd: Oh my god! Pat just hit the second cup! It's rollbacks! They created a moonlight shadow! I can't believe it!

Ross: Good stuff bro.

Pat: Anytime my brother.
#pong #beer #amazing #table #undefeated #team #moonlight #shadow
by undefeated at college bro September 20, 2010
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