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Yes, IT IS the worst of the Battlefield servers! T
Moongamers' admins are ruthless once kicking me for saying "noob" for 1/2 year! If you call them out on allowing cheats (Aimbot, glitching, health hacks), they kick you and will without notice BAN YOU!!! I don'y miss being abused by them!!!
by stude4art May 05, 2013
47 4
MoonGamers is the best BF and CS source servers out there!
Im going to play at moongamers where all the best BF and CS source players play!
by $a!ad F1nger$ April 13, 2005
138 103
A corrupt, unjust, and discriminating battlefield 1942 server. They are a community led by admins who perpetuate group think and are masters of unjustified bans on "good" players.
I got banned from Moongamers because they don't like my clan (because we were too good!)
by The Battlefield 1942 Community April 13, 2009
72 48