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A girls ass that looks like someone hit one too many golf balls at it causing dimples.
Boy it's tough when her last name is Wilson and you have a moon cheese issue to boot.
by VD May 06, 2004
39 32
ass jam packed full of dimples like cellulite. just fat and gross saggy golf ball damaged ass
Hey! check out louisa's moon cheese! you need an astronaut for that sh*t! the photogropher even covered it by a towel
by minyos January 08, 2009
28 14
Cheese... From the moon. Sweet, delicious, and sometimes addictive. Little people known as Eek (sometimes known as Eeklings) harvest this cheese daily.
I could go for a big ol' hunk o' moon cheese right now.
by Mr. Makamura June 27, 2004
42 37
The term used when one is extremely stoned and has immense munchies.
Bob: "Hey man, let's get stoned.
Dave: "Okay, but I get really bad munchies..."
Bob: "Oh you mean moon cheese."
by collaredpony21 October 08, 2013
1 1