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Moolissas are Hilarious, Gorgeous, and Amazing Friends/or Girlfriend.

Moolissa's love to have a good laugh at anything, can be easily embarrassed, but always look at the bright side of bad situations.

They give the dopest advice ever, and you would be lucky to ever find a Moolissa, like mine.

They are always hyper, and are band geeks! Especially on the French Horn. They also love Guard and are best at Sabres.

Moolissa's are very sensitive, but that is why you love them!
They like to study to ace tests!
And they always fall in love with weirdos<3
Girl 1: Hey! Have you seen Moolissa?
Girl 2: The pretty one, with the great personality? Yeah! I saw her with her wolfies! :)
by ZacEfronSucksButt November 09, 2011
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