mooky is sperm. mooky is also the act of cumming. mooky is the present, past, and future tense of this word.
OMFG! ya. his mooky tastes soooooo good!
by Kian Dragon December 14, 2010
Gorgeous, sexy, sweet, shy, styling, fly, super intelligent bad boy...20 - 25 years old.
OMG! Check out that Mooky!
by mimoo January 13, 2004
1. The sex-act or sexual activity in general.

2. Wooing; lovemaking . Also a term of endearment to a loved-one .
Used in Batman (1989)
"I'm of the mind to make some mooky."
by ChadGKG October 23, 2005
A really attractive and beautiful girl.
She such a mookies.

I wish i was as mookies as her.
by xRonaldx February 09, 2006
A girl who is obsessed with bright colours, is often crazy. Loveable, too.
A crazy action.
Ohmygosh, her alterego is Mooky!
She totally just mooky'd!
by Sarah February 19, 2005
tired and or sluggish, but unable to sleep.
Sam: I feel mooky Fred
Fred: And you've tried to sleep?
Sam: yes. I think i feel this way because of all the caffiene i had today.
by mookygirl July 27, 2008
Half-melted, sticky, thick.
Man, it's hot. These chocolate doughnuts are mooky.
by Justin T August 02, 2005

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