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A satirical British comedy group consisting of Michael Palin, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam. It is full of simultaneously intelligent and infantile humour, the likes of which can send you to the floor convulsing. It has produced a television series, 'Monty Python's Flying Circus,' along with four movies: The Meaning of Life, The Holy Grail, And Now For Something Completely Different and my personal favourite, Life of Brian.
My LTW is to see Monty Python perform live.
by Tyolin March 14, 2008
30 4
The greatest comedy troupe I've ever seen. Michael Palin, John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Eric Idle make up the group. They're all still alive except for Graham Chapman. Famous for the Flying Circus and the Holy Grail, but there's also the Meaning of Life and Life of Brian.
"Can you spot a larch from a distance?"
by alb June 05, 2005
27 7
A huge, thick dick (over 12" long and 4" thick)
Marisa tried to accept MOCO's Monty Python to no avail; her twat was too tight!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 28, 2007
22 90
A comedy troop made up of 4 Limeys, a Yank, and a Welsh tart. Enjoy making fun of Spam, Dead Parrots, poofs, and dressing in drag. God is in every single movie made.
Have you seen Monty Python on tv recently?
by Jess October 20, 2003
46 125
over rated, out dated, british comedy troupe from the 70's. Funny for a while, then fizzes with age.

works under pretense of intelectualism that dazzles pretentious college/high school kids who think they're smart when they get some of the jokes.
monty python is for pretentious kids who think they're smart.
by slddsldk January 15, 2005
40 553