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A high school in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County (CA). It's is well-known for it's prestigious IB (International Baccalaureate) Program and is located conveniently near Montgomery Village, a shopping center. The student populous is near about 1,800 students and it's known for it's excellent education and stupendous sports. The students are, however, are a combination between Marillo Carillo bitches and Santa Rosa Artquest nerds. Go figure!
A few Montgomery High School stereotypes:

Monty want-to-be-Indie person: I hate this school, there's so many preps. I'm going to go get high now.

Monty I-wish-I-were-at-Carillo: Omg there's like totally hella cute football players lol. I'm going to go get drunk and have sex, ttyl!

Monty I-wish-were-in-Artquest: Anime pwns! Time to dye my hair and stand out!

Monty IB kid: I must get home to finish my Calculus BC homework for next week and my IB Anthro project for next month before my second badminton practice, snort!
by NonStereotypicalTeenager November 04, 2011
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