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(n) A very monstrous beast that resides at the bottom of the ocean. It has only been seen once in the history of the earth, and everyone should beware of its existence. The monstroctopus is indeed female, and its appearance is one of a giant octopus with 14 tentacles, 46 yellow eyes with black beady centers, and 7 vaginas with razor sharp teeth. The Monstroctopus is always in heat, and the mating call of the monstroctopus has a decibel level high enough to disturb the orbit of the moon. The monstroctopus is not a force to be reckoned with. It is powerful enough to cockblock an entire nation of men with one tentacle. The monstroctopus was not born on earth, but it merely landed here from space millions of years ago: around the time that the dinosaurs went extinct. The Monstroctopus has been in hibernation since before any human record, and the mayans have predicted it to wake up in December of 2012. Hopefully they are wrong.

Pl. form: Monstroctopi
There is but one monstroctopus, but many can relate ugly horrific people to the monstroctopus in every day life. Examples of people that may be considered monstroctopi are Joan Rivers as well as Rosie O'Donnell.
by WTFwill July 21, 2009
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