when you poo in the shower and then mash it down the drain with your toes
Every day after P.E. Jill did the monster mash and then wore sandals to math.
by Brown Eyes January 19, 2005
Top Definition
Two ugly people having sex.
Dude, I'd hate to imagine your parents doing the monster mash.
by John Knopp April 08, 2006
When a collection of monsters have a party and spend the evening dancing with no regard for others
oh my god Nigel, the monsters next door are having a monster mash again they will keep us up all night again.
Can you go around and have a word with the chief monster 'Paul' and ask him not to make them strange ape noises again
by Neil O'Malley July 12, 2006
it was a graveyard smash
it caught in a flash

a party of monsters guest included wolfman dracula and his son

The coffin-bangers arrived With their vocal group, "The Crypt-Kicker Five"

The monster mash is the hit of the land
For you, the living, this mash was meant too
When you get to my door, tell them Boris sent you
The zombies were having fun the party had just begun they did the mash they did the monster mash
by Kenny Luge October 08, 2006
Mixing Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo Berry, Yummy Mummy, & Fruit Brute in a large bowl like a cereal suicide.
A monster mash is part of this nutritious breakfast.
by avessely February 16, 2008
When a man with a large member engages in intercourse with a hot petite female who is willing to take it in all holes.
"See that little bitch over there? We did the monster mash last weekend and she's still limping."
by Rockabilly March 10, 2009
when you are trying to have sex with a girl but you don;t have a full erection, so you grab and squeeze the base of your dick and try to 'mash' it into the girl in hopes of stuffing it in and getting an erection
beau was having trouble dr'ing this girl because he was too drunk, so he used the monster mash method.
by Duke Lacrosse April 26, 2007
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