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A really chill and down to earth girl, pretty and smart! Has an adorable laugh and an award winning smile. Tends to miss around alot and is always smiling
Whose is that?

That's Monserrat she's amazing.
by Kobe Bryant2 June 03, 2012
A mamacita with beauty & brains. Many guys will KILL to get with a sexy chick as herself and may girls will kill to be her. (Heck, even nature is attracted to her). She has a smile that is contagious. A Monserrat may be quiet at first, but once you meet one you'll never forget such a sweet, generous person. She is no way shallow and has a huge heart with kind spirit. But if you piss her off, she rip you a new one with her Jeet Kune Do. WARNING: You will talk for hours and hours of great conversation with a Monserrat. (You have been warned).
Girl 1: I have the best friend in the world
Girl 2: She must be a Monserrat

Dude 1: Man, Jimmy is lucky to be with Monserrat
Dude 2: I want to hit that from the back!
by CaptainEos9412 July 10, 2013
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